Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Video from Solstice, and other updates...

The "Culture Pages" project continues, and I was happy to hear an astrologer-friend of mine confirm: "Right now, the conjunction of certain planets means that everything is going to take longer than it seems it should..."

Locating and assembling a cast together, to work on this, is proving much more difficult and time-consuming than it seems it should! I do, however, still believe that all is unfolding exactly as it is meant, and trust that the "right" people for this project are on their way-- it is just taking awhile for them to connect.

One connection I made today, much to my relief, is a venue: Dreamland Arts. It's a small performing arts venue, that has everything we need and a little more, run by a trusted acquaintance (Zarawaar Mistry), and at an affordable price! Knowing where, and having the dates nailed down at a particular place, takes a huge weight from my shoulders and makes this all seem a little more possible.

I can do this!

One thought I'm having, as a unified "cast" to collaborate with continues to elude my grasp, is that I need to solidify my intentions about who I want, and what we will do together.

I'm due to leave for Blacklock Nature Sanctuary in a couple weeks, for a luxurious 2 weeks away from everything else in my life, to connect with the land there, and do some serious vision-questing about the project. (August 15 - Sept 1)

I trust all will unfold, exactly as it is meant, with whom I am meant to work, play, and create.

That's all for now. Mark your calendars... the show is opening Feb 5, and runs Friday-Sunday
Feb 5-7 and 12-14, 7:30pm. At Dreamland Arts: 677 Hamline Ave. N, St. Paul MN 55104 (Just north and east of Snelling & University Ave in St Paul)

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